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Are You Stuck in Life?

Stuck on an endless merry-go-round. Image shows a blurry Carousel Horse in Motion

Do you often feel like you are working hard, pressing on in a forward motion only to realize that you are stuck on an endless merry-go-round? It’s as if your life is on an endless repeat cycle where things don’t really seem to improve. I know when I felt like that, I often said, “Stop the merry-go-round. I just need to get off, catch my breath and reset. Then I can get back on.”

If this is you, I have some exciting news!

What if you didn’t have to get back on that endless cycle?

What if you could think, do, and be different?

Yes, it is going to require some work from you but I know the tools that we can use to identify the fears, beliefs, and sabotages to help you get off that merry-go-round and actually move in a forward motion.

Book a session with me TODAY to get the healing started!

In the meantime, here is one golden nugget that you can do to begin to reset your brain to notice the goodness around you. I know right now it’s all a blur because that is how life looks when you are on a merry-go-round.

Today, open your eyes to see and ears to hear one thing, you only have to see or hear or taste or feel one thing that is beautiful, or sweet, or lovely. Stop and notice that one thing. Actually say out loud, “thank you for allowing me at this moment to appreciate _____” (whatever it is that you are noticing).

Reach out and let me know how this golden nugget is working for you. I would love to hear.

Carousel Horse in Motion

Peace and joy to you in your journey.