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Are you looking for peace & joy in your life?

Who doesn’t want more peace and joy in their life? By identifying fears, past traumas, and hurts, then reframing and releasing these, you can feel more at peace. You can feel lighter and less burdened.

Woman standing on the beach, facing the sun and the ocean with arms spread wide. Learn to radiate your light.
A woman forming a heart around the sun with her hands
A woman forming a heart around the sun with her hands

Do you want to love yourself more? What is holding you back from loving yourself? Is it past hurts?

Have you built an invisible wall to keep hurt out? I can help you identify the key blocks that can gently bring down that wall. How wonderful it feels to have an open heart to give and receive love.

If you want more peace and joy in your life, come join me on a 12-week group course of transforming work so you can live your desirable life.

Radiate Your Light Course

Course includes:

  • Spiral-Bound Workbook

Workbook will be mailed to you.

  • 12 Weekly 90-Minute Group Coaching Sessions

These 90-minute sessions are held over Zoom. They will include reviewing work from the previous week, learning new principles, practicing energy work, and receiving assignments to implement during the coming week.

  • 3 Color Chakra Oil Blend Oils

You will learn to use these 3 color Chakra oil blend oils for relaxation and healing.

  • Access to Janet Through Email and Text

When you are through with this program you will understand yourself, your strengths, and areas that are more difficult for you. You will have a basic knowledge of muscle testing and energy. You will have tools to help you on your healing journey from trauma, grief, and betrayal. You will find the joy and peace you have been seeking. You will have the courage to get out of the darkness and radiate your light.

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Group Coaching


New Radiate Your Light Courses begin on

Monday, January 8th at 6 am MT
Thursday, February 8th at 8 pm MT