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“Bloom from the darkness
and radiate your light.”

~ Janet

owner of Desirable Life

“Janet can find things and validate things that I didn’t even know I was holding on to. She helped me let go of the things that were no longer serving me. While she validated my experiences and emotions, she helped me learn, grow, and become stronger. I always leave feeling lighter, peaceful, and more confident.

~Ashley W.

I have found that Janet is a patient person who is willing to teach techniques that are very useful in everyday situations. Her knowledge and expertise is phenomenal

~Tammy B.
Lotus Flower

Lotus Flowers

The delicate-looking lotus flower is not so delicate; it blooms best from the deepest, darkest mud. It perseveres, pushing up through the murky water towards the light. The waxy flowers’ petals protect themselves from the muddy water as it reblooms each morning. The lotus does not stop as it reaches the surface of the water but strains further, yearning for the sunlight before it fully blooms. Like a lotus flower, we can rise from the mud, find the light, and radiate our light to the world.

To know Janet is to love her! Janet has been helping me with my energy for about three years. She is a very gifted energy reader and has helped me on numerous occasions with different trials in my life. I love knowing she is just a phone call away.
I would highly recommend her to you for any energy crisis that you are having, to help you to be at peace, and be able to move through your issues.
~ Julie Y.

Throughout the years, Janet has helped me work through past “baggage” and also present events going on in my life. One particular time, I was feeling very heavy and weighed down. After an appointment with Janet, I felt the weight of the world had been lifted off my shoulders. I could breathe more freely and had a skip in my step.
~ Jann S.